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  Originally, our show was located on the Lacona Fireman's Field.

It was started to give people a place to show their old tractors, engines and "stuff".  Our show was an immediate hit and from suggestions of the attendees, we kept adding attractions and vendors to the point where we had to relocate to larger grounds.

Currently, we rent the the Oswego County Fair Grounds.

Over the years our show has reshaped to emerge with an identity all it's own.  It isn't just about tractors and engines.

It also includes some of the many aspects of farming and the wonderful  joys of our heritage.

It's not a fair or a carnival.  It's a heritage show and tell.

Many people commented on how different our show is from others. I jokingly responded , our show is like an Elysium, a place of delight and happiness.

All of a sudden we descend on the Oswego County Fair Grounds and reconnect with friends and revisit items that remind us of our childhood.

Just as suddenly, the show ends and we pick up and leave.

The only evidence that we were there  are the few curled up leaves left over from the corn maze blowing across the grounds.

Our show is a place : 

~ Where old friends meet to talk about the good old days and share stories with other soon-to-be new friends.

~ Where parents share in the laughter of the kids running and falling and getting up and falling again in a sack race.

~ Where the only issue in a tug-of-war is the boys beating the girls.

~ Where an older man takes the time to give a young man the opportunity to drive his ancient bulldozer.

~ Where it's unclear who's having the most fun, the ones inside the corn maze or the ones on the outside listing to the conversation and laughter.

~ Where all of a sudden you come upon a lone antique car or truck parked on the grounds.

For a moment you expect to see the owners dressed in period clothes strolling along.

~ Where a gandfather and his 4 year old grandaughter can go in and out of the corn maze as many times as she wants.

Who knows what magical world she was transported to as she tip toed through the gigantic cornsrtalks.

These are memories that last.